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 we take pride in being a business that cares for its customers.

Our Products

Himalayan Rock Salt
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Eatable Ginded Salts
Geometrical Lamp

Why Choose Us

Assured Quality

Skilled workers and state-of-the-art processing units have enabled us to implement International Quality Standards for providing premium Himalayan Salt products.

Minimum Lead Time

One of our key expertise is the timely shipments we promise our customers every time. We focus on enhancing customer satisfaction by decreasing the lead time.

Private Labeling

We offer GFSI integrated private labeling services to combine our Himalayan Salt Products under Customers’ Brand names for further industrial or retail applications.


We have figure salt lamps, geometrical salt lamps etc

Skilled workers and state-of-the-art processing units have enabled us to implement International Quality Standards for providing premium Himalayan Salt products…..

ChairMan Message

Mr.Asif Naseer Gondal

Welcome to Gondal Salt Company, I am Former Executive Member Sargodha Chamber of Commerce & Industry, I am Working Business of Mining Manufacturing & Exports of Himalayan Pink Salt In Name of Gondal Crushing Plant which was registered in FBR 27 June 2005, STRN Registered since 16 Oct 2015 ,I am acting Chairman Mines of Minerals Standing Commetti from 2017 till Today,Several Times, I got Best Himalayan Salt  Best Exporter Award In the Region from 2018 till 2023, Corporate Member of Sargodha Chamber of Commerce & Industry since 2008 to till today.I am Proud to have hundreds of worthy customers in whole world.

Industries We Serve


Are you looking to expand your horizons and tap into international markets for salt exports? Gondal Salt Company is your ideal partner for venturing into the world of global salt trade.

Chemical Industries

We take pride in being a leading salt supplier dedicated to serving the unique needs of chemical manufacturers and processors worldwide.

Home Decoration

Gondal Salt Company presents a captivating collection of salt decor products, redefining the way you decorate your home. Elevate your living space with the natural artistry of salt, creating a serene sanctuary of beauty.

Animal Salt Licking

At Gondal Salt Company, we understand the importance of providing essential minerals to your livestock for their health and well-being. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of high-quality salt licking products designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of your animals.

Food Chains

In almost every cuisine around the world, salt is an essential component used to season dishes during cooking. It’s often one of the first ingredients added to a recipe and is crucial for bringing out the natural flavors of ingredient

Food Service

Bulk Himalayan salt suppliers to the food service industry for mass food preparation and gourmet cooking.Salt is a fundamental seasoning in the culinary world. It enhances the flavor of dishes and helps to bring out the natural taste of ingredients.

Food Manufacturing

We are an authentic supplier of Himalayan salt in bulk to the food manufacturing industry worldwide.


Export Himalayan Salt to different industries that use it as an ingredient in the production of other products.

We are Certified


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